Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Freakin unbelievable, it’s getting hot already. And that @#% Border Patrol helicopter is annoying. Shook the windows of the house this morning and woke me from a perfectly good dream (I was chasing rabbits). Still it’s a sign of things to come. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing the illegal immigrants walking through the property. I don’t know why they wait until summer to do it. Don’t they know that this desert can kill you? It’s really sad.

I can relate to them. I used to be all alone until MOM found me. I know what it’s like to be scared and lost. I feel sorry for them, they’re like strays.

Look at this, tough pup Toby has feelings? I don’t believe it.

GRRRRR!!! I only have two feelings, one for MOM and one for immigrants, so you’d best watch it, Keiko.

Calm down Toby, you know she’s just razing you. Still, it is really sad. Say, isn’t there a church in town that puts out water for them? I think that’s a great idea.

Me too, I’ve seen MOM give them biscuits and water. And speaking of biscuits, let's go see if she’ll give us some.

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