Friday, July 18, 2008


Woof, everypups;
For those who missed last night’s show, Star was viciously attacked by a piece of wire or ferocious feline (you know how cats are) and suffered a cut on her left ear. I was holding my breath as Bill rushed her to the Doggie Doctor where the brave pup was stitched up. Thank dog, she’ll be O.K.
I really enjoyed last night's show. The challenges were very difficult especially ‘The Leave it’ challenge. I would have been all over that steak and I don’t know how Tillman controlled himself. They’re still my pick to win. Elan and Kenji were shown the doggie door and I felt bad for Kenji dealing with Elan screeching at her all the time. And joining us today is our guest TV critic, Duke, who will give us his poop on last night’s show.

Thanks for having me on Life Inside The Fence, it’s really pawsome to be here. I enjoyed the show and the challenges, though I think they need to include real dog stuff, like digging holes, peeing contests or killing rabbits, you know stuff real American dogs can relate to. But I have to agree with you, Scuba, I didn’t really care for Elan either, she doesn't know how to treat her dog, it’s a wonder that Kenji hasn’t taken a bite out of her. Elan doesn’t deserve to have a dog. And what’s with Beth Joy breaking down and crying like that. Oh my dog! What was that about? Anyway, I’ll agree with you and take Ron and Tillman for the win. We big headed dogs need to stick together.

Oh, I just covered my eyes with my paws when Star was attacked, I just couldn’t watch. And did you see Bill; he was so upset that he was crying. I just love it when humans cry over their dogs, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Star recovered nicely and she and Bill did really well at the last challenge. In fact they were picked Best In Show by the judges, which is totally pawsome. I’m still picking Bill and Star to win.

Well, I wouldn’t have thought that anyone could have been more annoying than Brandy but I’ll agree with Scuba and Duke, Elan needed to go. I swear, all of her shrieking at Kenji was hurting my ears. I thought it was great when the judge started mimicking Elan and screeching back at her. I was howling with laughter. But I do have to wonder how Elan got picked for the show. Did they just need to bring in someone that all dogs would hate and maybe drive up the ratings? Anyway, my boys Travis and Presley did really well and won the golden bone, sending JD and Galaxy to the DogHouse. I still think they’re gonna win.

Yeah, I think we’re all in agreement that Elan is an evil woman (she must have some feline in her) and needed to go. It’s just a shame that Kenji has to go home with her. Maybe we should go rescue Kenji from the evil creature.
But I just can’t believe Scuba and Duke are picking Ron and Tillman. Tillman just rolled over when Elvis got into him, what a wimp. Now Elvis, there’s my kind of dog, one with an attitude. I’m still pulling for David and Elvis to win. Dogs with attitudes rule, baby!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

we are friends of roxy and lucky and wanted to come by and introduce ourselves. i am melissa and my pug is emmitt. :)it is so nice to meet you!

Putz said...

evil woman, evil woman

Maggie & Mitch said...

Thanks for the report, guys! We missed last night's episode! Gosh, what a shame that had to happen to Star!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Gussie said...

hi, just dropping by to say hellooo. must be fun to be part of a pack, tho being a cossetted only dog has its moments too xJake

Deefor said...

I missed the show again! I hope I get to see re-runs.


Miss Lucy said...

Wow guys that dog show must have been scary!!! Especially the 'leave it part' I would have freaked over that steak!