Friday, July 25, 2008


Woof, everypups. Last nights episode of The Greatest American Dog was pretty good. The emphasis was on teamwork and the challenges were really tough. Travis and Presley teamed with Brandy and Beacon for the first challenge, which was an obstacle course. Despite Brandy’s shrieking throughout the entire challenge, they won the Golden Bone, though I don’t know how Travis and Presley put up with Brandy’s screeching. David and Elvis were shown the Doggie Door but my pick Ron and Tillman are still in the hunt.

Yeah, it was a good show, but I did like the ‘Leave It’ challenge from last week’s show better. And after listening to Laurie rat out Elvis’s attitude to the judges, I was hoping she’d be the one to go. Freakin unbelievable, turning on your own packmate, now that’s just not right. But, at least Bill and Star are still in it and they did really well last night.

I’m with you, Keiko; Laurie should have been shown the Doggie Door. And after she was rubbing noses with David and being all friendly, snitching out his dog Elvis like that. You don’t turn on your own pack, no matter what. But my boys are still in it, Travis and Presley did good.

David and Elvis were robbed, I tell you. At least they finished the agility course on their own and didn’t cheat like Laurie did. Did you pups see what she did? Tearing the paper covering the hoop so it wouldn’t frighten little Andrew? And what about Brandy lifting the end of the chute? If that’s not cheating, I don’t know what is. David and Elvis got the wrong end of the bone last night and I don’t even want to talk about Laurie selling out David and Elvis in front of the judges. She should have been thrown out of the Doggie Door headfirst. GRRRR!!!



Pedro said...

Hey Desert Dawgs!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meetch and I hope you come back and see me again. My mom read your blog too and we think it's really, really funny! Have you joined Dogs With Blogs yet? There is a link to it on my blog if you want to check it out. You'll meet lots of nice dawgs there!


Pedro said...

Oh and Toby kinda looks like my friends Gus, Louie and Callie the heelers. You should definitely check out their blog!


Kodak the Eskie said...

I was so sad that David and Elvis were voted out. I really wanted Laurie to go. She cheated. Love that your commentary on the show! Do you see romance for a couple of contestants on the horizon?!!

Hugs, Kodak

Suki Sumo said...

Hey Desert Doggins! It's very very nice to meet you all. I love big dogs and ignore little dogs so I know if I ever went to AZ we would be good buddies.

Also, I agree with all of you. I was OUTRAGED last night that they got rid of Elvis and David! So not cool.

<3 Suki Sumo

the 4 Bs said...

hey kids, we were sorry to see David & Elvis leave too. that Laurie was a very bad human for cheating and ratting out Elvis. that was totally uncalled for. we hope that she is the next one to get the boot.

we think we are rooting for Bill & Star. we also like Travis and Presley.


River said...

Hi Desert Dawgs! Nice to hear from you. I hope we can be friends! I like your interpretations hahaha. Yes, my mom is in Dalton everyday for her job. Please come back & visit. I'd like to add you to my list of fur friends.

love & wags,

Rambo said...

Hey Dawgs!
It's me, Rambo & Midget Molly stopping by to say hi. I can send you my pawtograph...but I don't think it would be worth much since I feel famous but I'm really not!
We watched Greatest American Dog last night too and are still mad that spastic Beth Joy and Bella Starlet are still there!!! She's a little too yappy for us! We do agree that little Elvis should have stayed and that Laurie the traitor should have been boot kicked right out the dog house door, attidue and all. Some humans!
Rambo & MM

Simba said...

All that leave it stuff is very over rated.

Simba x

Tenkiller Airedales said...

Hey Desert Dawgs!!! Nice to meet ya. This is Apache here from the Tenkiller Airedales. My hooman mommy goes to Tucson all of the time. She has hooman family over there!!! We'll be visiting and keeping up with your "happenings!" We stay busy over here.... I see you read about our new Wheelies....Now this should be interesting..... Dogs on Wheels! Whoever heard of such nonsense????

Apache and her tribe

Gaia the Airedale said...

Hello and salutations my new friends from Tuscon! Thanks for stopping by! We watch that Greatest American dog show too, that one lady who dresses up her poor dog is NUTSO hehe.

puppy breath,

The Puppies said...

Hey Desert Dogs!!

Thanks for visiting our blog. We love to have visitors!! We are rooting for Presley and i guess his human too although we can't think of his name at the moment! Of course, we roote for Izzie too (not his human) but he got booted off the first show! (us BTs and Boxers are sticking together!) The woman who ratted out Elvis should have been booted.. her or brandy because she is REALLY annoying (although the dog is cute!). Oh, and we would be happy with Bill and Star winning too! We don't like Galaxy's human very much, but we got no beef with Galaxy.
The Puppies

Nanette said...

Stella is very jealous that every other dog on the planet gets to watch this show and she is stuck watching stupid stuff like So You Think You Can Dance.

Thanks for giving her the rub down on what is going on with her should-be-her-favourite show! and thanks for stopping by her blog!

Samantha said...

Hi Desert Pups,

Thanks for dropping by our blog, our person thinks that you look a fun bunch of pups and you have a cool blog. We look forward to getting to know ya all! :-)

Holly & Zac

Maggie and Mitch said...

OOPS!!! Thanks for updating us! We were watching Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Suka said...

hey Desert Pups,

I was so excited to see that you dropped by my blog! You look like a fun bunch of big doggies to play with, and your blog is very funny! Even my human, K, was laughing! I guess she gets doggy humor. Anyway, I hope you visit me again! I don't have a TV so I never heard of "The Greatest American Dog." Sounds interesting, though. May the best doggy win!


Isis said...

hello! thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you have fun here at the blogosphere! its a good place to be!

Hope to see you around again soon!

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hi handsome foursome,
Thanks for dropping by, the more the merrier!
I think I know you, see, I'm Numero-Uno just like Scuba, born to play like Keiko,
Man of the house like Norman. I'm not the terror like Toby even though my brothers think I'm.

Gucci said...

'ello pups!

Thanks for the pawesome advice about milking the attention from Mom's Dad. :]

When he comes back tomorrow imma have my 'skins jersey on and my football toy ready to go. What man can resist a girl who loves football??!? hehehe.


Bree/Reilly said...

Good to meet you says she would like to live in Arizona, she grew up in the desert back home in Australia and misses the heat. I think she is totally nutty on that point...give me the snow any day!!!!

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

We like the Great American Dog show, too, but I had to watch the video rerun on the fan site today because Levi kept making me take him in and out of the house when it was on. Great commentary on the show, guys!

Levi's mom

Thor and Marco Polo said...

WOO WOO Desert Pups

We don't get to watch This TV program. Thanks for keeping us updated. We must force our Mom to let us watch the next episode.

Thor and Marco Polo
(NO TV in Iowa)

Puppy Dog Tales said...

HI Desert Dogs!

It's nice to meet new dogs.

We don't watch that show, so thanks for telling us about it.
We'll claw sis to let us see when it's on.

Head butts,

Charlie Daniels said...


Thanks for dropping by to visit me. I love making new friends .. and I hope we can be friends for ever more.

I'll come back soon to fully explore your territory!



Abby said...

Hi, Guys...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog...I love making new friends...

I haven't watch The Greatest American Dog, yet...I told my Mom about it & she said we check it out...

Abby xxxooo

Agatha and Archie said...

We missed it again,but that doesn't matter becasue we have you guys!! Love A+Ajzhds

Agatha and Archie said...

What the heck is after our names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love A+A

Peanut said...

Hello Desert Doggies! Thank you for visiting me! I don't watch the Greatest American Dog, but it sounds amazing. I'm sure I would enjoy it. I love watching doggies on t.v. but sometimes I get a bit too excited to see them... :) Hope you're having a good weekend!! XOXO Peanut

Pepe, Brownie & Taz said...

Hi Desert Dawgs, we're desert dogs too! And my mom loves Greatest American Dog but she always gets sad because we don't even sit or anything on command so we could never be on that show.