Monday, August 11, 2008


Scuba's Diary - August 11, 2008
Weekly update on Toby's River Toad addiction. It seems that Toby is suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result of the unprovoked attack by the gopher snake and is turning to River Toads to deal with it. We found him behind the rock wall in the back yard with a couple of empty River Toads lying nearby. He said he was hiding from gopher snakes and wouldn't come out until they were all gone. Enough is enough, I called The River Toad Hotline (1-800-NOMORETOADS). The CANINE COUNSELOR (CC for short) on the line said we just need to be supportive of Toby and try to get him involved in a hobby to take his mind off the gopher snake and the River Toads. I mentioned Toby's project of 'OPERATION PEE ON HUGO' and was told that was an excellent hobby to keep him busy. The CC even volunteered to send in his best pee photo to help support the project.



threio said...

LMAO...Pee on Toby sound like good relief!

The Devil Dog said...

I would hide too, Toby. And we volunteer for peeing and pooping on Mr. Dum**ss journalist.


Agatha and Archie said...

Oh my dog,we are soooooo behind here! Ya know our coyote seems like kind of NOTHING compared to what you guys deal with!!!! Did you ever consider coming up north??? Although we do have moose..Love A+A

Willow the Black Dale said...

Ok we are on the PEE ON HUGO band wagon. tehe However..... we are girls at our house so this could be tricky for us. Fear not we will do our best. May we suggest to all the guys out there to get a picture of Hugo and PEE on it. Have your pawrents take a picture of you doing that!!! HAAAAAHAAHAHA (moms evil laugh, scarry)
Mom read that article to me and Pilar. Not a nice man, we think he was denied oxygen a birth and this some how screwed up his brain. So you see that is why he is a dog hater. He is also just mad because he is all alone, doesn't have a cute face, nobody takes him for ice cream and there is nobody to love him. We think it goes back to that lack of oxygen thing. But hey that is just our theory.
Toby, dude, you have our support. You are a desert dog, we know this is hard. Sadie (hoomans former dog RIP) got bit by a rattlesnake. She lived to tail the tail. We know you can do it. Do you need to attend TA (Toads Anonymous).

Full of concern,

Simba said...

Thank you for your concern while I was unwell. Your kind words made me get better so much quicker.

Simba x

Rambo said...

That's a good idea Willow has. Send Toby to TA. This might be very helpful since he is suffering from post traumatic syndrome. What do you mean by empty toads? Do you eat the inside??? I once bit a lizard. YUK.

Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...

WOO WOO Poor Poor Toby

We sent you pics of our peeing on Hugo - Hope that makes you feel better soon!

Thor and Marco Polo

Tenkiller Airedales said...

Okay....Apache here. I too am LMAO!!! Please DO Pee on Toby. For Dawgness sake, what is wrong with that man!? I think Willow may have a good theory about being oxygen deprived. However, he may just be suffering from Dog Envy!!!! Yeah, that's it. DOG ENVY!! Woo Hoo..... Now if my hooman mommy saw a snake.... well, lets just say that we would have to bury that city girl.... How she ever ended-up with a bunch of Airedales I'll never know!!! Anywayz, I'm in on the TA for Toby ... Maybe he should start soon. Keep us posted!!

Apache and her tribe