Tuesday, September 2, 2008


1. Thou shalt have no other Dogs before me.
2. Thou shalt love, honor and pamper me all the days of my life.
3. Remember my naptime and keep it holy.
4. Thou shalt offer unto me a sacrifice of feline.
5. Thou shalt not yell when I bury thy cell phone in the front yard.
6. Thou shalt offer unto me the sacred chew bone anytime I want it.
7. Thou shalt be understanding when small animal parts are found beneath thy pillow.

8. Thou shalt not scold me when I seek out the crotches of thy guests.
9. Thou shalt allow me to ride in thy chariot and be grateful when I bestow upon thee a blessing of drool or vomit.
10. Thou shalt always remember that I am thy Dog who brought thee out of thy boring existence and will remain faithful unto thee until the end……..or until someone else offers me a doggie biscuit.


Fred said...

Amen! How enlightening!

Tenkiller Airedales said...

Praise the LORD!!! Finally, someone found it. I just knew there were "commands" for the hoomans.... always trying to "lord" over us "commands."

Apache and her tribe

Deefor said...

Thank Dog. Great. Too bad my humans didn't read it before they broke the first one.


Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...

WOO WOO Desert Pups

What Great Commandments - We just have to ignore the one about Felines at our house because Mama is just in charge and we really like kissing her butt too!

Thor and Marco Polo
(surrounded by the 3 kitty-kats)

River said...

We need thsese posted on our fridge.

love & wags,

The Devil Dog said...

Mom doesn't agree with some of these. ESPECIALLY number 7!


Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

a-woof! ou left out the one about leaving our gonads alone.

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Ooooooo how wise you are! I must now embed these rules into the brain of my human! I can't believe we've gone so long without the dogly standard here at my home!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Maverick the Pirate said...

They be good rules to live by Harrrr.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

Simba said...

Love it, I'm going to put it on the fridge.

Simba x

Charlie Daniels said...

Amen to that :-)



Murphy Dogg said...

What about ear scratchies?? I can't believe the great and wise DOG would leave out ear scratchies??
Murphy Dogg

Lady Kaos said...

Those are great!!!

HaPPi Like a HiPPo said...

Thanks for adding me!
A very nice blog you have here.

Woof Woof!