Friday, December 5, 2014

Midnight at the Shelter of Hope

Good morning to all,

The Desert Pups lives have drastically changed over the past four years. For 8 years, they were a wild and crazy pack of dogs, enjoying life and sharing adventures of their Life inside the Fence. However, their lives began to experience change. It began with the passing of the Pack Leader, Scuba and was followed by the loss of Hell Dog Toby, 8 months later. Handsome Norman lost his courageous battle with cancer on September 5th, 2013, leaving Keiko and her Mom alone.

Both Keiko and Mom struggled to come to terms with their loss, each in their own way. Keiko, for the first time in her life was without the companionship of another dog. She began to change...for the better. She was at one time, a very shy, sensitive girl who always took a backseat to her brothers and sister. Now, she's the Alpha Dog who loves running the fence, barking at horses and chasing rabbits.

As for Mom, she too began to change, focusing on what was really important in life, cutting back on the long hours she spent at work and spending more time with Keiko.  She also finished a project that she started a long time ago.  She became an author for the first time. Her book, Midnight at the Shelter of Hopewas completed and published on October 1, 2014. It is a delightful story of Marlowe, the Red Pit Bull Pup and how he comes to find his Forever Home.  

Keiko hopes that you enjoy the story as much as she did.

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SO nice to see woo bakhk!

Thanks fur the pup-date -

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