Monday, June 9, 2008

Actor Rupert Everett brands British soldiers 'pathetic, whining wimps'

Freakin unbelievable!!! Do you pups believe this jerk? I don’t see his pathetic ass wearing the uniform.

Holy puppy poop!!! I bet he’s never been shot at, though that might change now.

I don’t care what country you serve if you’re a soldier in Afghanistan and Iraq it takes some guts.

Maybe they just need to ship him off, send him to Iraq and see how long he lasts.

He also took a few cheap shots at Americans, saying that we’re whiny victims whose entire language was taken from watching ‘Friends and Sex and the City.’

Hey, didn’t he star in ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding? Like that’s not wimpy? Obviously he doesn’t see the irony, does he?

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