Thursday, August 28, 2008


Woof, everypups. Last night's show was pretty good with the exception of Bill and Star being shown the Doggie Door. The theme of the show was courage and let me tell you, those were some brave pups. The Dog Bone Challenge was simple, the dog had to sit still while an African Elephant approached. It came down to a tiebreak between Laurie and Andrew and Travis and Presley. This time the trainer had the Elephant charge toward our fearless pups. Andrew won the Challenge which is pretty cool cause he's the smallest pup out there. The next Challenge was Stunt Dog and with both the dog and human wearing safety harnesses, the humans had to coax the dogs up an incline to a catwalk that was thirty feet off the ground. Then, after the humans took the zip line back down they had to try and convince their dog to take a thirty foot leap of faith and ride the zip line to the ground. JD and Galaxy won the challenge but at a cost as Galaxy could hardly walk afterwards due to a muscle strain. Anyway, Bill couldn't coax Star into leaping off the thirty foot tower so they were shown the Doggie Door.


Holy Puppy Poop!!! I just can't believe what they did to those poor pups last night. An Elephant? You've gotta be kidding me! Andrew won the competition by not moving, well he was frozen in fear! Of course he's not going to move. I would have tucked tail so fast and bolted out of there. There's just some things that ain't natural and a 4 and 1/2 ton pachyderm coming at you is one of them. And the Stunt Dog Challenge, well, I think that was a bit much for those brave dogs. I don't think that JD pushed Galaxy too hard, she's a dog and loves to play, but something happened to her during that challenge. And as far as Star not leaping off the tower, I think that's good doggie sense, not fear. Jumping off of a thirty foot platform isn't a natural dog behavior. But once again, Miss-Priss Victoria was all over Bill. Last week, she jumped on him for pushing his dog too hard, this week, she complained that he didn't push Star hard enough. That woman just ain't right. But Bill and Star will be missed.


Agree with you there, Keiko. That woman is just a freak. Poor Bill, he never had a chance. Once that evil Victoria dug her claws in, Bill and Star were doomed. I don't know what Bill ever did to set her off but she definitely had it in for him, that's for sure. And that thirty foot leap? Oh, hell no! Ain't happening to this dog! Call me a scaredy dog all you want, I ain't jumping off anything except the couch (or the kitchen table when Mom ain't looking). And we're not even gonna talk about that Elephant thing. I think I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks. Anyway, even though Bill and Star weren't my picks, I was sad to see them go. Bill is such a gentle man and it's obvious that he loves Star very much.


I'll say it again, the show is rigged and the judges suck!!! It's all geared toward crowning JD and Galaxy the champs. Now I don't have a problem with leaping off a thirty foot platform and as far as that Elephant is concern, bring it on, I ain't afraid of no stinkin Elephant. But when the judges criticized Bill for leading Star up the easier route during the Stunt Dog Challenge, it only confirmed that the show is rigged. The first priority of a dog owner is the well being of their dog. Regardless of what those so called professional judges had to say, I thought Bill did the right thing. And while JD and Galaxy won the Stunt Dog Challenge, it took its toll on Galaxy as she was limping badly afterwards. She's not a young pup anymore and age should have been considered when designing this challenge. But it's all for the ratings, the more controversial it is the better the ratings. And as always, the judges are Doggie's Behinds.


Kodak the Eskie said...

We missed that episode. Darn! Charging elephants sounds very scary to me. I hope those doggies weren't too afraid.

Hugs, Kodak

the 4 Bs said...

we didn't see the show last night, so thanks for the report. we are sad that Bill & Star got booted off. we really liked them. we are thinking that we would NOT confront an elephant. i, Bailey, have already proved that i am afriad of horses. and a 30 foot jump? no thank you! what are those &*(^*&%^* judges thinking! this is toooo much. we hope that Galaxy is going to be okay. that's too bad that she got hurted. now we are gonna choose Travis and Presley, we suppose.


Gucci said...

Presley is the boxerboy right, right?


Thoughts said...

I think its so wrong that bill and star had to go home. The week before this, the judges chastised him for pushing his dog TOO hard, and then this week they punish him for her not doing the hard parts of the course. Its bull crap if you ask me. This week's challenge had nothing to do with obedience or training. It was just plain dumb. No one should have had to go home this week if you ask me.


Da Old Man said...

We love the show. It bugged me to no end that they made those dogs sit there with the elephants. Kind of cruel. But we do love that little white dog, Andrew. He is the coolest dog on the show.
And as far as making that leap~~ what is wrong with the show promoters?

Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...


We agree - we just aren't going to watch the TV program anymore - it was rigged and we are angry!!!

Thor and Marco Polo

Rambo said...

Finally we watched the show. I can't believe they would make a little doggie try and sit still while a 9000 pound elephant approached. WHOA. It scared the crap out of me. I would never, ever sit while that big thing was charging at me. What if it thought I was a peanut or something!
We miss Bill and Star. Damn those judges.