Thursday, September 11, 2008


Woof everypups, Norman here. I'm flying solo today for the final recap of The Greatest American Dog because Toby's Birthday Bash is still in full swing and our neighbor Duke just arrived with a case of homemade wine and a box of doggie biscuits. Anyway, my boys Travis and Presley won the competition and Presley was named The Greatest American Dog. JD and Galaxy were shown the Doggie Door early in the show which left Travis and Presley and Laurie and Andrew. Of course JD had to be an arrogant doggies behind about being sent packing. You'd think that JD would develop a little respect for the other dogs and humans in the show but that didn't happen. He still thinks he's the greatest thing since the squeaky toy. Oh well, we don't have to put up with him anymore.
The last challenge was a obstacle course which Presley just ripped through with no problem only to find that the 9000 pound elephant was waiting at the end and hovering over Presley's favorite toy. To complete the course Presley had to retrieve his toy but hesitated (can't blame him for that). Travis went under the elephant and guided Presley to his toy. Little dog Andrew completed the obstacle course but had a problem with the tilting balance beam. But he managed to finish the course and had no fear of the elephant and snatched his toy with no problem. The judges debated long and hard over who should be named The Greatest American Dog and in the end, it was Presley. The judges felt that Travis and Presley had come into the competition as the least experienced of the competitors, but they improved with each passing week and the bond between them only became stronger. Another plus for Travis and Presley was the fact that Travis had stepped beneath the elephant to lead Presley to his toy. It was that act that showed the judges that Travis wouldn't ask his dog to do something that he wasn't willing to do himself. Presley became more disciplined as the show progressed and Travis never once used harsh or questionable training tactics with Presley as did several of the other human competitors. The love and devotion that the pair show toward each other really represents what having a dog is all about. It's not about the perfect dog or the best trained dog (you won't find any in this house), it's about loyalty, trust and most of all love. So congratulations to Presley for being The Greatest American Dog.

Toby's Birthday Bash is going to continue for awhile so if any pups out there want to stop by, just hop into the transporter and beam over (hell, it works on Star Trek). We'll be watching for you.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

My mom says she'll be there fur the AGJ;
I'll be there fur the biskhuits;

We'll both stay fur the fun!

PeeEssWoo: I was sooo slikhk - she didn't even KNOW I watching her!

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

We still wanted Bill and Star. But glad Presley beat that poor little Maltese who cna't be away from her mom....
Spending a quiet day remembering 9/11/01.
Bowing our heads today,

the 4 Bs said...

we were happy with the way it ended, but you're right, that JD has no class. we have never seen such an arrogant person - his exit was beyond rude. and Galaxy is such a nice dog...

we liked that Travis went underneath the elephant with Presley. they have a wonderful relationship and we've always liked the way Travis is with Presley.

we still think the judges were a little too full of themselves also. geesh - lighten up please.

we'll be over this afternoon for some partying with you guys.


Susan Sehi-Smith said...

I hope the case of wine is not for Toby! But I do hope he has very happy birthday bash full of special treats, good friends, and lots of hugs.

from Siku

MJ's doghouse said...

i am sooooooooooo on myway...sorry i am a little late..but the pitbull exxpress was busy driving around fur you think you could contact air ruby for me...i am bringing some tbones for the party...and a big ole batch of brewskys

Gucci said...

Yaaaaaaaay the boxerboy won! Hehehe. :]

I'm comin' over with some wubbas and greenies!


Maggie and Mitch said...

OOPS! We missed the grand finale! Thanks for letting us know who won!
We'll be right over! We'll bring chips and dip!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

Flash and I are coming over. Can we stay until this stupid storm passes? We are supposed to get lots of rain and wind. Of course the boxer one. I mean I hate to say it but what other dog on that show would have been the greatest american dog.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We haven't been watching the Greatest American Dog so thanks for the update..
We will see if mom has one of those transporters so we can come over for cake and ice cream and fun..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

The Devil Dog said...

We are enjoying the par-tay. It is a blast, but I think we shouldn't let Lucky have any beer.


Suka said...

hey Desert Pups,

I think I started partying a bit early. I re-read my post from yesterday. What the doggy biscuits?! Anyway, I am just "Suka" once, not "Suka Suka" twice!

I am beaming on over for some fun times in the desert celebrating Toby's {Meatloaf's - *grin} big b-day bash! You doggies really know how to party! Thanks for the invite!


The Three Musketeers said...

Thanks for the invitation !
woof , nice question ! :D
Cause we have a super MAMA @ home !
She cleans almost every alternate days !

Loves ,
Lady , Zena & Cody

Da Old Man said...

We rooted for Andrew, but Presley was a good choice, too.

Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...


We didn't care who won as long as JD didn't!! YAHOO

Thor and Marco Polo

Rambo said...

Yeh for Travis and Presley! What do you think he will do with all that mula?? Buy a boat load of bones?? he he