Wednesday, June 4, 2008

McCain slams Obama

Freakin unbelievable!!!! I see McCain is starting in on Obama already, slamming him for voting against funds for the troops, Can’t they give us a few days off before they start into each other?

Heck no, I think my boy needs to pounce on Obama. Get him, Johnny, GRRRRR!!!! Besides, do you really think Obama can stick to his promise of bringing the troops home early? You know as well as I do, Scuba, he can't do that. Regardless of the incompetent decision to send them over to Iraq, pulling them out now could be disastrous. What about all those people? I mean, they're refugees in their own country. How sad is that?

Oh, puppy poop!! You're right. And why is Obama against tax cuts? Shouldn't he want to give tax relief to Americans? It makes no sense.

You're waiting for politics to make sense? Norman, you know better than that.
And besides, talking politics before breakfast, what's wrong with you pups. I’m gonna eat.

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